Our Emblem

We chose an oak tree as our emblem as we felt it symbolises the many different components of a business, all of which must work together.

Flowers and leaves – the products a business delivers and the services it provides. They are the ultimate end product for which your business strives. In order to do this we must balance the conflicting demands of many stakeholders: business owners, funding providers, employees and most importantly, your customers.

The trunk and branches – represent the visible support structure of a business: marketing, internal processes, systems and controls, reporting and employees. From customer-facing roles to office administration, all must support each other and are integral to the continued success of your business.

The roots – not unlike the common iceberg analogy, the largest challenges are often hidden. Without the hard work, late nights and long hours your business could not survive or prosper. Persistence, self discipline, occasional doubt, disappointment and the support of many will ultimately deliver success. By going just that little bit further, any business with a strong culture will have every opportunity to prosper.